The Geography of Danarbi

(Here is a writeup of the basic physical overview of the continent maps from the last 2 posts (Western half Eastern half). This was written before I made the big hexmap version, so it was still on the original squared graph paper at that point. The graph paper version was to be 24 miles per square (originally in 1985 it was 8 miles per square, but everything was too close together, so I tripled it), but I think making the hexmap version 25 miles per hex will enable me to zoom down and make sub-hexes at 5 miles and sub-sub-hexes at 1 mile. So it is possible there may be a discrepancy in some distances.) (EDIT: Have decided to make the continent hexes 25 miles across, as it seems most folks standardize on either a 5-mile or 6-mile sub-hex system.)


Danarbi is a small continent located to the southeast of the continent of Telesia, slightly below the equator in the southern hemisphere. In size it stretches about 1500 miles west to east, and at least 1400 miles north to south (part of the continent “runs off the edge” of the map to the south a further unknown distance forming a peninsula). A large island called Phosetti lies about 150 miles west of the southwest portion of the main continent; Phosetti measures about 300 miles west to east, and 520 miles north to south at its greatest extents. A significantly larger island called Conuptis lies about 100 miles to the north of the northeast portion of the main continent, and measures about 620 miles west to east, and at least 260 miles south to north (an unknown but considerable portion of the island “runs off the edge” of the map to the north). There is a chain of smaller islands north of Phosetti, and a few islands east of the main continent.

The western coastal region of Danarbi is the region of most immediate interest (as it is the region for starting and low-level game play) , and so will be detailed first.

Along the coast itself, the stubby peninsula across from Phosetti is known as The Hoof. The expanse of water east of The Hoof is the Bay of Hills, as it is quite rocky and hilly along most of the coastline. Farther north, the water protruding inland is the Bay of Hope. The forest that runs along the central west coast as far north as the Bay of Hope is the Great Nadash Forest (also called the Old Wood by the elves).The large tracts of grasslands east of the Great Nadash Forest are the Plains of Ujola. North of the Plains of Ujola are the mountains called the Jovanice Range. Within the ring of the Jovanice Range is a large area of broken terrain and desert called The Scoured Land. Northwest of The Scoured Land are the Plains of the Tiger-Men (the rakasta).

The central portion of the continent is marked by an enormous sunken rift valley, called simply The Forbidden Land by the Ujola nomads. Mostly forest to the west, jungle to north and south, and plains to the east, The Forbidden Land is almost bisected by a range of jagged mountains that direct what rainfall makes it this far inland north and south, making the eastern portion drier. South of The Forbidden Land are the Plathen Mountains, that further isolate the western and eastern portions of Danarbi from each other. South of the Plathen Mountains is the Inner Wood, fiercely guarded by wild elves and sylvan creatures.

The eastern part of the continent is dominated by The Great Swamp, also known as The Swamp of Doom by the remnants of the Unimokans that still survive. Within the heart of The Great Swamp is a forbidding wasteland of jagged and broken hills and mountains. The few who have ever made it past the swamp and dared to enter the wasteland have never returned. Southeast of The Swamp of Doom is a dense forest perpetually shrouded in mists and fog. Deep within the Forlorn Forest are a few low mountains surrounded by hills.

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