Livrent Colony (Hex 32.23 of West Danarbi)

(Here is a writeup of the largest settlement of the Holothonians on the mainland of Danarbi. Apart from a couple minor edits this is just as I wrote it in the 1980s. A crude map does exist, but it is not ready for prime time – I want to recreate it in digital form.)

(Hex 32.23 of West Danarbi)

Livrent Colony

Located on the northeastern coast of the Bay of Hope, this colony was founded by Gyaal in 799 EM. On the map of Livrent Colony, several features of the colony are marked. They are: Nelaphis, the harbor tower; Rolsfirn, the fort; Livrent, the town; Amvil, the north village; and Carcent, the east village.


Overlooking the harbor is a 120′ tall tower of wood waterproofed with tree sap. There are six Continual Light spells cast on protruding beams of the tower that makes it a beacon for ships and helps to illuminate the harbor. The main feature of the harbor, aside from Nelaphis, is the 1200′ long sea wall protruding to the south-southwest. The sea wall is a uniform twenty feet above sea level. There are only two docks extending from the shore, but several ships can anchor in the harbor if necessary.


Located some four miles inland from the harbor is a fort completed in 860 EM. Rolsfirn is rather small, only two 30′ towers, a gatehouse, and several low buildings within the walls. Except for the stable, containing five warhorses and twenty-one riding horses, and a small guard force of twenty light infantry commanded by Sergeant Inolas, Rolsfirn is currently empty.


About two miles north of Nelaphis is the town, the center of the colony. Some 3000 people of all five races live in the town, with about 2200 humans present. There are five inns, eight taverns, and a multiple church dedicated to the Elven Gods in Livrent. The ruler of the colony, Lord Governor Miltaro, is responsible for the upkeep of the harbor, the guard force, and trade with Holothom and Ferdmarsh, the colony of Banlon to the south.


Three miles north-northeast of Livrent is Amvil, a farming village of about 200 inhabitants, split about evenly between humans and halflings. On Twelfthday of each month, cartloads of peppers are brought to market in town. The village grows wheat as its major grain crop.


Located two miles northwest of Rolsfirn is a farming village of some 300 people, mostly humans. On Twelfthday of each month the farmers of Carcent send cartloads of beans to Market in Livrent. The village grows oats as its major grain crop.

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