Native non-human intelligent creatures of Danarbi

Aside from the above establishments and organizations, adventurers should have some knowledge (even if only rumors) of the native non-human intelligent creatures in the regions near Livrent.


These humanoids are described in modules X1, The Isle of Dread, and X2, Castle Amber. These tiger-men are nomadic by nature, and roam to the north of the Plains of Ujola. If encountered near one of the colonies, rakasta will be willing to trade unusual plant spices for finished goods, as they have no metalworking and only simple crafts of their own. Peaceful communication must be established first, as they have their own language, but there is a 50% chance 1-3 of those encountered near the colonies can speak some of a human language, most commonly Ujola, but some may know Svyndalish from contact with traders from Ludewood. As for non-peaceful encounters, rakasta are fierce opponents in battle, and their greatest warriors have been known to ride sabre-tooth tigers into combat.


These small semi-humanoids are described in module X1. They live in villages among the trees of the coastal forest, rarely venturing from them. Phanaton are generally peaceful, and have a liking for druids, Elves, and others who show respect for the forest. They are extremely curious about visitors, as they get so few of them. It is rumored they know how to use many of the forest plants to make medicinal concoctions. Phanaton are ruled by village “kings” of great size and strength whose primary role is defense of the others from their only true enemy – the Aranea.


These intelligent giant spiders are described in modules X1 and X2. Aranea live in homes among the trees constructed of webs, leaves, and bark. They are inherently magical, and tend to be solitary, unscrupulous and selfish, not even trusting each other in most circumstances. Many are obsessed with increasing their own magical knowledge by studying human spells and magical items. Their “spoken” language consists of vibrations caused by rubbing the hairs on their legs and bodies, and is unintelligible to other creatures without magical assistance, although many aranea can understand one or more normal languages, and some can even read and write them. They are extremely shrewd in any negotiation, always seeking to find some loophole to benefit themselves, and will do their best to break the “spirit” of an agreement while maintaining its “letter.”

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