The Peoples of Danarbi

(Here is a slightly edited introduction of the main human cultures of Danarbi, originally typed up in 2001 from an older handwritten page. Starting characters might know something of the Ujola nomads, but the Unimokans might be entirely unknown until someone gets to the other side of the continent, or rumors filter back from other explorers.)

Danarbi (“land of the people” in the Unimokan language) is populated by two major groups of native humans, the Unimokans and the Ujola.

The Unimokans inhabit the eastern and north-central regions of Danarbi. The three tribal groupings of the Unimoka are the Zuwal, Jaki, and Dala. They comprise the regional powers that now control the remnants of the Danarbian Empire. The Unimoka constructed large cities and temples to consolidate their control of the eastern half of the continent. Currently, they struggle to retain control over the decaying cities of their ancestors.

The Ujola roam the grasslands of the western and northern regions of Danarbi. They are roaming nomads, with no permanent cities. Two offshoots of the main Ujola tribe, the Tivalean and the Wayglath, have significance to the Holothonian colonies. The Tivalean nomads roam near the coastline, and occasionally trade with the towns. The Wayglath nomads are warlike raiders who have a blood-feud with the main Ujola tribe. They seek to disrupt trade with the foreigners.

All of the Ujola groups hold annual gatherings at a special sacred location. Weddings, trade, and festivals are the major activities during these gatherings, which normally last one entire month (36 days).

[For simplicity I had given the planet Granjor a year of 360 days divided into 10 months.]

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