Tools for Hex Overlay Maps

Recently Dawnrazor at Nerd-o-mancer of Dork asked me how I did the “hex overlay” with bigger hexes over small hexes on my regional maps.

The mapping program I use is Hexographer by Inkwell Ideas.

I used some mapping templates I found at The Welsh Piper.

(I honestly wish I had the chops to make a template file of my own, as I’d like to have a map with a 3rd layer of hexes to zoom down further, but I’ll make do I guess.)

I had to add the RED NUMBERS to the big overlay hexes manually into text fields, as Hexographer only does one level of hex numbering.

Still thinking about how I’m going to handle hex numbering if I zoom in to a 1-mile scale…

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One thought on “Tools for Hex Overlay Maps

  1. [UPDATE: After a valiant couple of hours, I came to the conclusion that the hex PDFs below are not geometrically perfect. Cannot get the grid aligned with Hexographer.]

    I did a bit of searching and found somebody has made a hex with 25 small hexes across as a PDF.

    Click to access A4_25_hex-hex.pdf

    If I can get this converted into a PNG file I should be able to import it into Hexographer.

    This might be of some help with my zooming down to 1 -mile scale.

    There is also a hex with 5 smaller hexes across:

    Click to access A4_5_hex-hex.pdf

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