Chronology of Danarbi (Part 2)

Here is Part 2 of The Chronology of Danarbi, with about the first half of the dated events. The second half are in Part 3. For explanation of the dating system, see Part 1.

Important Dates in History

1 IR (378 GM) – The founding of the First Unimokan Empire.
78 IR (455 GM) – An exploratory voyage from Danarbi reaches the east coast of the continent of Sothara. A convoy of Yzonndan ships driven far off course by storms puts ashore in the same region, and encounters the Danarbian explorers. Both groups eventually returned home, although in the course of time this meeting fell into the realm of legend, and was later forgotten entirely.
365 IR (742 GM) – Collapse of the First Unimokan Empire.
450 IR – 650 IR (827 GM – 1027 GM) – Human tribes migrate into Holothom, being displaced by the wars between Himarkia and Carinthia.
689 IR (1 EM) – The Jilona elves conclude a treaty of friendship with the King of Gyaal, beginning The Age of Elves and Men in Holothom.
731 IR (43 EM) – Last King of the Makhad orcs slain in the last major campaign of the Underground War; many tribes of orcs flee from the victorious dwarven armies into other areas of Holothom.
750 IR (62 EM) – Perulan goes into exile after his plot to kill the Prince of Rubinata (in Gyaal) is revealed.
768 IR (90 EM) – Perulan overthrows King Lurchenk of Rosivna with the aid of Rosiv traitors and an orc army.
772 IR – 823 IR (94 EM – 135 EM) – Reign of King Aervil Dant of Durland.
825 IR – 829 IR (137 EM – 141 EM) – The Great War between Durland and Rosivna, resulting in the death of Perulan and the revolt of the Rosiv people.
846 IR (158 EM) – Establishment of the Second Unimokan Empire.
888 IR (200 EM) – The founding of the Black Cult of Zord in the foothills of the Iralu Mountains, near Perulan’s old place of exile.
938 IR (250 EM) – Approximate beginning of the feudal period in Holothom, as the central authorities of the kings of Gyaal and Durland have been reduced to mere figureheads, leaving the lands in the control of dukes and provincial leaders.
1006 IR (318 EM) – Most demihumans mysteriously vanish from the lands of Holothom. Warned by their gods of what was to come, they undertook The Great Leaving and secretly travelled to Danarbi.
1007 IR – 1010 IR (319 EM – 322 EM) – The Dark Power appears, summoned by the Zordians. The Reign of the Devastator. Cities of Gyaal and Durland sacked and burned by humanoid armies. Large numbers of undead roam the lands.
1010 IR (322 EM) – The Devastator is confronted by mortal champions of the Powers of Good and Neutrality. The Dark Power is forced to retreat from the mortal world.
1011 IR – 1131 IR (323 EM – 443 EM) – Over a century of chaos follows the fall of The Devastator, as the remnants of human civilization try to claw their way back in the face of hordes of humanoids and undead. The few remaining demihumans are similarly besieged, and keep to their own lands, avoiding most contact with humans. By the end of this period a few cities are being rebuilt.
1228 IR (540 EM) – Prince Goman of Leneara declares himself King, re-establishing the Kingdom of Gyaal. The other princes of the old Gyaalese lands do not recognize his claim, and a power struggle ensues.
1231 IR (543 EM) – The Prince of Tolnora acknowledges Goman as King, but retains much autonomy.
1235 IR (547 EM) – The Prince of Rubinata acknowledges Goman as King, but also remains basically autonomous.
1248 IR (560 EM) – After many years of political maneuvering, Goman declares the founding of the Grand Empire of Holothom, with himself as its first Emperor. This welds the provinces of Leneara, Tolnora, and Rubinata into a more cohesive political entity. Goman extends an open invitation for other nearby rulers to join his empire and finish reclaimimg the lands from the humanoid menace.
1251 IR (563 EM) – Collapse of the Second Unimokan Empire.
1252 IR (564 EM) – Duke of Runlav (in the former Duvra lands) swears fealty to Emperor Goman; Runlav becomes the fourth province of the Grand Empire.
1255 IR (567 EM) – After a plague and increasing humanoid raids, the Duke of Danal (in the former Duvra lands) swears fealty to Emperor Goman; Danal becomes the fifth province of the Grand Empire.
1257 IR (569 EM) – Appearance of the Margali tribe from beyond the Iralu Mountains. The Margali push deep into the Rovas lands (the remnants of old Rosivna) and defeat all forces that stand against them.
1258 IR (570 EM) – In desperation, the Duke of Vosk swears fealty to Emperor Goman in return for assistance against the Margali horde. A group of mages and mercenary adventurers sent by Goman strike into the occupied areas, distracting the advance of the horde long enough for the two Imperial Legions (the elite troops of the Empire) and a supporting army to march to Vosk.
1259 IR (571 EM) – The Battle of the Three Valleys. The battle is tactically a draw, but the Margali take heavy losses and withdraw from some of the occupied lands.

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