Day 2: Favorite Playable Race [30-day challenge]

Well let’s see how far I can go with this month’s challenge.

Day 2 is supposed to be “Favorite Playable Race.”

I’d have to say that the fantasy race I tend to gravitate towards as a player would be Dwarves.

In real life, folks sometimes look at me funny a moment when I decide to play a dwarf. After all, I am an almost 6-1/2 foot tall thin guy. Maybe it breaks their immersion for a moment? They were expecting an Elf or something? I dunno.

The attractiveness of dwarves to me really has little to do with their in-game abilities, although the stone-related navigational and trap-finding things are good in a dungeon environment.

I just find it easier to assume the persona of a stoic dude that keeps plodding along no matter what the game throws at him.

I suppose that somewhat reflects my outlook in real life. Not to seem a downer or anything, but growing up as an introverted nerd in the 1980s was tough. You know that kid who was always the last to be picked for a team sport in gym class? That was usually me.

You develop a sort of emotional armor after enough years of that type of stuff. The trick is to to take it off every so often.

So discovering D&D was really a way for me to break out and have some fun social interaction. It let me try out different approaches to communicating in the company of folks I might otherwise be too shy to talk to.

So here’s to the dwarves; they just let the slings & arrows bounce off and keep going.

Plus, they are allowed to hit things with an axe!

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