Day 3: Favorite Playable Class [30-day challenge]

Looking at the list I can probably answer up through the Day 7 question, so let’s keep going for now.

Day 3 subject is “Favorite Playable Class.”

Thief. No contest.

I suppose it is the basic concept of trying to avoid direct confrontation that attracts me to playing thieves.

I started playing D&D back when it was a game focused on exploration and trying to survive the hazards of a dungeon environment.

So the thief would be forever scouting ahead of the party, creeping along keeping an ear out for noise and an eye out for traps.

In a combat situation, since a thief is so weak, slinking along trying to get in a backstab, or firing missiles from a distance, were about the only real tactics that would keep him alive for any length of time.

Thieves are also what can be called the “skill-monkeys” of D&D. They have more game-mechanical support for trying to manipulate the dungeon environment than most other classes, but in a way that is more low-key than say a magic-user.

I guess I watched a lot of episodes of “The A-Team” and then later in the 1980’s “MacGyver.” They showed me that creativity and exploiting what resources were at hand could often be more effective than pure brute force.

In combination with my favorite race (see previous post) you’d think I’d have played my share of dwarven thieves, and you’d be right. In fact I think I have played all the classic races as thieves, except halflings. Not sure I’ve ever actually played a halfling except the “race-as-class” version from Basic D&D.

My early influences for playing thieves were: Malak from “Conan the Destroyer,” Philippe the Mouse from “Ladyhawke,” and Gord from Gygax’s Greyhawk novels.

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