Chronology of Danarbi (Part 3)

Here is Part 3 of The Chronology of Danarbi, with about the second half of the dated events. The first half are in Part 2. For an explanation of the dating system, see Part 1.

Important Dates in History (continued)

1268 IR (580 EM) – Proclamation of the Third Unimokan Empire.
1277 IR (589 EM) – First meeting of what would later be known as the Council of Eleven, a group of powerful evil wizards and priests.
1298 IR (610 EM) – The Council of Eleven summons The Dark Power in the mistaken belief that they can control the entity. The Dark Power corrupts the Council members into fiend-spawn and tasks them with hunting down and destroying their associates scattered throughout the lands. Sensing a potential threat from Danarbi, The Dark Power shifts there and tries to destroy the threat with a cataclysmic destruction of the continent. Attacked by the Powers of Good and weakened, The Dark Power retreats into the interior of the shattered lands. The devastating changes result in the formation of The Forbidden Land and the Great Swamp, and cause chaos in the Third Unimokan Empire in the northeast of the continent.
1304 IR – 1316 IR (616 EM – 628 EM) – Civil war destroys the remnants of the Third Unimokan Empire.
1386 IR (698 EM) – A shipful of far-ranging Norrvemen reaches the large island west of Danarbi, and name it Phosetti. They bring dried samples of the strange plants back with them to their trading enclave on the southeastern tip of Telesia. Over the years rumors of their voyage circulate to their kinsmen in northern Holothom, although the exact navigational route was kept a secret to maintain a trading monopoly on the plants with unusual properties. When the last of the original crew died, the secret of the route was lost for a time.
1465 IR (777 EM) – A Banli exploration voyage, following what few clues could be found from the old Norrven tales, reaches the west coast of Danarbi and returns to Holothom to tell of the discovery. This sets off a race among several realms to locate the rare plants and establish trade routes.
1467 IR – 1483 IR (779 EM – 795 EM) – Several exploration and trading voyages are sent from Banlon and Tolnora to Danarbi.
1484 IR (796 EM) – Ferdmarsh, the Banli colony, is founded on the northern coast of the Bay of Hills.
1486 IR (798 EM) – Explorers from Ferdmarsh reach the area where Ludewood Town would later stand, and encounter the demihuman clans in the area.
1487 IR (799 EM) – Livrent, the Gyaalese colony, is founded on the northeastern coast of the Bay of Hope.
1495 IR (807 EM) – The Kingdom of Phosetti is proclaimed upon the island of the same name, declaring itself independent and neutral of all Holothonian realms. In reality the many minor nobles, adventurers, mercenaries, and refugees from Holothom could care less about being ruled, and the “King” holds little real authority (only as much as his “subjects” are willing to let him have).
1526 IR (838 EM) – Svndalish traders set up a trading post on a river near the “Yldwuud” (Old Wood). This was an excellent location to trade with both the demihumans and the native nomads.
1527 IR – 1539 IR (839 EM – 851 EM) – Settlers from Svendel and Tlanthom trickle into the area adjacent to the Yldwuud trading post.
1540 IR (852 EM) – A few families of settlers from Volund and Danal establish farms near Yldwuud, laying the seeds for the villages of Kwyll and Nofton. A proper defensive wall is built around the central area near the original trading post, marking the transition to a true town. The newer settlers call the town “Ludewood” because they have difficulty properly pronouncing the Svndalish “Yldwuud.”
1555 IR (867 EM) – Niphoris the Arcane, a follower of the so-called “New Mages,” settles in Ludewood Town. Niphoris agrees to help defend the town in return for being allowed to teach magic according to the New Mage philosophy (which the Wizards’ Society in Holothom is trying to suppress).
1567 IR (879 EM) – The present year. The start of campaign play.

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