Day 4: Favorite Gameworld [30-day challenge]

The subject for Day 4 is “Favorite Gameworld.”

I think I’ll stick to published campaign worlds.

It would have to be Greyhawk.

Which is kind of odd as I have barely played in it, just a few sessions of “Living Greyhawk” at conventions about 2000-2001.

I bought the 1983 Greyhawk boxed set in about late 1984 or maybe early 1985. It was the first real game world I ever saw – before that we just played in dungeons without much thought to the world they were in. The incredible maps and the somewhat cryptic entries in the booklets were my main inspiration to try to create my own campaign world of Granjor (of which all the Danarbi entries on this blog are describing one continent).

Nobody I knew wanted to play in Greyhawk.

I really like the AD&D 2nd Edition version of Greyhawk “From the Ashes.” I suppose I don’t have the loathing for it some old grognards have as I never got to play in pre- Wars Greyhawk. The setting as described really brought a dynamic world to life for me.

However, still, nobody I knew wanted to play in Greyhawk.

When 3rd Edition D&D came out, Living Greyhawk replaced Living City as the main convention Living campaign. Since nobody I knew locally wanted to play in Greyhawk (still!) I had to go to conventions in adjacent states to play Living Greyhawk, which meant that my character was not even adventuring in his home region (based on where I actually lived as a player).

In fact the only time my character ever adventured in his home region was at the very last convention I attended before my Dark Age, in September 2001. I had to drive 300 miles away to manage it.

I mainly experienced Greyhawk via Gygax’s Gord the Rogue novels.
Which if anybody has read them all, you know how that turns out…

So for me, I suppose Greyhawk is that great world I always wanted to play in, to run a game in, but was never really able to do so.

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