Day 5: Favorite Die / Dice [30-day challenge]

The topic for Day 5 is “Your Favorite Die or Set of Dice.”

I’ve had to gather a new collection of dice since my return from my Dark Age. For the longest time I could not find my old dice I’d accumulated from 1982 – 1999 or so. (I did come across them some months ago while searching for something else entirely, then misplaced them again.)

My first dice set was a solid yellow set that came in my Moldvay Basic Set. My second set was a solid blue set from the Cook / Marsh Expert Set. After that came a red d10 and a blue d10 from my Marvel Super Heroes boxed set. Followed by a pair of d20s that were numbered 1 – 10 twice instead of 1 – 20, that came from my Middle-Earth Role Playing box.

From pure amount of times used, I’d have to say that I used the red and blue d10s from the Marvel Super Heroes set the most. I actually played MSH more times than D&D back in the 1980’s.

I don’t get emotionally involved with my dice, so I guess that would be my final answer.

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