Day 8: Favorite Character Played

The subject for Day 8 is “Favorite Character You Have Played.”

I think for me, it would have to be my Living City character from the latter half of the 1990s.

Kearnan* the Nimble. He was a 2nd Edition gnome illusionist / thief. Being physically weak at combat, and unable to use direct-damage spells, he had to be played creatively to survive in a dungeon. However, since a lot of Living City adventures took place in an urban environment, he was often able to make good use of combining his thief skills and illusion magic.

Somehow, he made it all the way up to Illusionist 6 / Thief 7 by the time Living City was ended. (I mainly played at one convention per year, sometimes two, so did not get to play a lot of slots even though I played Kearnan for about 4 years of real time.)

I just pulled out his last character sheet from my battered 2E Players Handbook, and took a look at it for the first time in years.

You know the best reason Kearnan was my favorite? It was because I got to play him with folks I only got to play with at conventions. I played several times with the player of a dim-witted barbarian, and with his brawn and Kearnan’s brains, they made a good team.

I’ve since found out that player now lives only 30 miles from me, even though we met over 100 miles away at a game con. Maybe someday we will get to play together again.

*NOTE: The name Kearnan I took from an NPC I created for my Danarbi campaign setting. Although originally an 18th level human ilusionist, leader of the Wizards’ Society of Livrent, I winder if I can convert him into a gnome? Hmmm…

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3 thoughts on “Day 8: Favorite Character Played

  1. VOID RPG Admin

    Sounds like my favorite character. DnD 3.5 Player Handbook II has the wonderful Beguiler class, which is essentially an illusionist thief. Truly a challenge to survive a dungeon when you are weak and the only weapon in your repertoire is illusion spells.

  2. I remember a lot of “I roll a Tumble check and try to dodge out of the way!” Throwing darts from the edge of the battle. About the only offensive spell he had was Color Spray. Although, I remember using the Grease spell a few times (often with humorous effect). Mainly, the idea was to avoid direct fighting as much as possible, instead trying to delay or confuse the enemy so the rest of the party could move in.

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