Day 9: Favorite Character Never Played

On to Day 9 of the “30 Days of D&D Blogging Challenge.”

Today’s topic is, “Favorite Character You Have Never Played.”

The one I always wondered about was the very first test character I rolled up after getting my 1st Edition Players Handbook. Probably 1984 or so.

This character had pretty awesome stats. Since there was no info on HOW to roll stats in the PHB (I really was barely aware there was even a difference between Basic / Expert & AD&D at that point), I just did how I normally rolled stats for Moldvay Basic: 4d6 drop the lowest, six times, and arrange as desired. I must have picked that up from some other player at some point, as I wouldn’t have a DMG for another few months to realize that was Method I.

Then I spent a long time going over what would happen with modifiers for different races, and what classes might work.

I ended up with a Paladin with 18/53 Strength and 17 Charisma. Not sure what the rest were, but they were all above the class minimums. Ended up rolling near-max Hit Points too, although again I don’t remember exactly.

Since it was rolled up as a test, with no witnesses, and at that exact time I had no game going, the character was never used.

In all my times gaming, only once have I ever played a Paladin. My first time playing Living City in 1995 or so I made a character named Verthane the Hardy, but I abandoned him after only a handful of adventures in favor of Kearnan the Nimble (see Day 8.)

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