Day 11: Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

Having made it 1/3 of the way through the “30 Days of D&D Blogging Challenge” we go on to Day 11 – Favorite Adventure You Have Ran.

It’s been a long time since I’ve really DMed any published modules for D&D. Back in 2010 I ran “Tomb of Sigyfel” under Labyrinth Lord. The last time before that would have been 1997, when I ran a level of the “comedy-dungeon” Castle Greyhawk at a convention taking place on April 1st (was upfront about it in the event listing).

Favorite can be interpreted several ways. Most useful to start a campaign? Best setting / plot elements? Or was it just the most fun to run?

There will always be a soft spot in my heart for B5 Horror on the Hill, as it was the start of the first “campaign” I ever ran (really just a string of modules one after another).

B5 Horror on the Hill

However, if there was one adventure module from back then I would like to run again, it would be X2 Castle Amber.

X2 Castle Amber

It would really take too many words to describe why it was so much fun to run as a DM whose only experience was running dungeons full of monsters. The various demented NPCs encountered in Castle Amber really got me thinking about more than just setting up “kill the monster” for the PCs.

So I’ll just point you at one of my favorite pieces written about Castle Amber, over at Grognardia.

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One thought on “Day 11: Favorite Adventure You Have Ran

  1. +1 for castle amber. Some good memories with that particular module.

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