Day 12: Favorite Dungeon Type / Location [w/ map!]

Another day another subject: Favorite Dungeon Type / Location.

I suppose this is supposed to be some choice of something like: crypt, cave complex, mad wizard’s maze, etc?

All of the above, plus whatever else you can think of.

The best kind of dungeon to me is one that is so old that nobody knows what its original purpose was. A dungeon that has been occupied, abandoned, re-occupied, attacked, sacked, then re-re-occupied.

This gives the excuse to have all kinds of different stuff in the dungeon. I am a big fan of a high degree of random-rolling of dungeon contents, then trying to make some sort of whole out of all the random results. Kind of “retroactive continuity” sort of thing.

Since folks like maps (lotta hits on the Castle Cellars Map from last week), here is an example of what I mean:

Der Dungeon Lvl 1

This is Level One of the first dungeon I made after coming out of my Dark Age. An earlier version was playtested one session a couple years ago. This is the expanded version with more rooms. Made with Dungeonographer by Inkwell Ideas.

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2 thoughts on “Day 12: Favorite Dungeon Type / Location [w/ map!]

  1. VOID RPG Admin

    I’m okay with about any setting…as long as I am not on a boat!!

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