An Earlier Ludewood Map

This is sort of a bonus post as I have managed to get a Saturday off!
(It was originally to meet the cable internet installer, but due to the phone co. being jerks about not wanting to release our phone number, it will have to be rescheduled.)

Here is a map of “Ludewood & Surrounding Territory” at 3 miles per hex. This does not gel well with the scales of the later maps I have made. It is based upon one of my original paper maps from the 1980’s, but converted to hexes instead of squares.

A few features that were on the original map have been kind of pushed off the map on the western side, due both to the distortions from using hexes, and a desire to space things out a bit more to increase travel times.

Ludewood Region 4 per inch

I have yet to figure out how to reconcile this with the scales of the later maps. Somehow, I am thinking if I can zoom in to a 1 mile per hex scale on this map (making each hex into 3 smaller hexes), I could then use that as the 1 mile per hex zoom level of the regional maps (making each hex into 5 smaller hexes)?

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