Day 19: Favorite Elemental / Plant

The subject for Day 19 is “Favorite Elemental / Plant.”

“Ladies and gentlemen, in the green corner, the Masher of the Marsh, the Sultan of the Swamp, the Barbarian of the Bog… I give you… The Shambling Mound!”

OK it looks like Swamp-Thing (or his Marvel look-alike Man-Thing), it’s a lumbering vaguely man-shaped mass of vegetation and vines.

That wants to eat you.

The Shambling Mound is highly resistant to physical damage, having an AC equivalent of Plate Mail +3, PLUS it only takes half damage from weapon attacks.

So you’ll burn it you think, right? Sorry, immune to all fire, being that its body is so moist it won’t burn.

Lightning Bolt? Just makes it get BIGGER (more Hit Dice). (Remember what happens to Godzilla when you shoot him with a Ray Gun, and he gets all healed / super-charged?)

At least cold does something right? Only half damage on a failed save, or none if the Shambling Mound makes its save.

Acid? Yeah that should work pretty good. If you’ve got any.

Since it’s a plant, maybe you’ve got some spell or item that will Control Plants, or make you invisible to plants, or something.

Only one time do I remember having to fight a Shambling Mound. It was when we were playing 2nd Edition, and we were in the woods (we seemed to always be traveling through the woods that campaign). We were tracking bandits or something like that, and came to a marshy area. And a Shambling Mound climbed out and charged at us.

I really don’t remember the fight. I don’t remember how we managed to kill it. Maybe we didn’t kill it, and managed to run away. Maybe we just kept hacking away at it with our weapons. I do remember that after the fight, badly injured and out of spells, we ran back into the woods until we found a small cave, and barricaded ourselves in for a couple days.

So as a player, I fear Shambling Mounds. As a DM, I remember the evil gleam in the eyes of our DM that time, and want to use one someday.

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