Day 21: Favorite Dragon (color / type)

I have rarely used a dragon as DM or encountered one as a player; usually haven’t played at levels where they show up much, or PCs are foolhardy enough to seek them out.

I think I’ll go with … Blue Dragons.

In Classic D&D, Blue Dragons are Neutral, not Chaotic. They live in deserts or wide plains, soaring high above and hunting like some sort of giant bird-of-prey. The breathe lightning.

Mostly I am going with Blue Dragons as they seem to be underused compared to other colors. Maybe adventuring in plains and deserts is a lot less common than forests or mountains. Being Neutral, they are more likely to bargain with visitors than Chaotic dragons, but remember they are mainly motivated by self-interest, even more so than most other dragons.

I once wrote a short story from the point of view of a Blue Dragon for a writing class I had in college, including how a dragon gets treasure and how it deals with unexpected visitors. Maybe I can find it and marvel at the 3rd-rate crap a 22-year-old thinks is actually good writing.

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2 thoughts on “Day 21: Favorite Dragon (color / type)

  1. VOID RPG Admin

    I like the gold dragons, red dragons, and black dragons….okay…I like them all. You caught me.

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