Day 26: Favorite Non-Magic Item

Favorite non-magic item?

The humble 50′ rope.

How do I love thee:

1) Throw it down to let somebody climb out of a pit.
2) Put a grappling hook on it and use it to climb a wall.
3) Tie up a prisoner.
4) String together your mule-train carrying your loot.
5) Use it to pull open a door from afar.
6) Tie yourself to a tree or ship mast during a storm.
7) Lasso a wild animal.
8) Make a hammock high in a tree to avoid being eaten at night.
9) Use it as a trip wire or snare trap.
10) Swing across big rooms while playing swashbuckler.
11) Build a rope bridge.
12) Tie up a boat or raft.

I’m sure you can think of plenty more uses.

Rope: Never Leave the Inn Without It.

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One thought on “Day 26: Favorite Non-Magic Item

  1. VOID RPG Admin

    After that display of awesome suggestions, I do not think I could think of anything with as much versatility.

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