Useful Tool – Zim Personal Desktop Wiki

Came across

Zim – A Desktop Wiki

and it looks kind of interesting as a possible tool to help create / keep records of an RPG campaign or game world.

It does export to HTML for publishing, although in some cases I had to hand-edit a few mis-formattings; it doesn’t seem to always get the HTML pages 100% consistent in how they look.

After a couple hours playing with it I made this test wiki. 30 minutes or less to make all the pages, and 90 minutes or more fixing the HTML and uploading it to web server. Remember, this was only the first time I ever used it; probably go faster in future.

It’s really quick and easy to use. It just has a few minor quirks if exporting to HTML. Sure beats creating individual web pages and hand-coding links.

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2 thoughts on “Useful Tool – Zim Personal Desktop Wiki

  1. I’ve been using Zim for quite a while. This program and Red Notebook are awesome for keeping track of things.

    • I was thinking of self-hosting a wiki to document my old campaign world, but Zim might be enough to do the job. I’ve also got an urge to start making a new campaign setting, and the hierarchical structure of Zim could be a big help so I don’t miss anything crucial.

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