Day 29: Number Often Rolled On a d20

As we come to the penultimate post in the “30 Days of D&D” blog challenge, our subject is “What Number Do You Always Seem to Roll on a D20?”

As explained in Day 5: Favorite Die / Dice, I have misplaced my original dice collection some years ago. So I had to get all new dice starting in 2010.

I have 4 d20’s that I keep in my normal dice bag. I rotate them around when I am unhappy with how one is rolling.

I’d say about the most common number they roll is “8.”

It is not an absolutely terrible number, but disappointing as the overwhelming use of a d20 is for “To Hit” rolls and Saving Throws.

If I get 3 or 4 poor rolls in a row, I switch to another d20. This usually does not help any.

Maybe it is because they are surplus dice from a Chessex “Pound O’ Dice.” Maybe they have some balance imperfections.

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