Day 30: Best DM I’ve Had


Day 30 at last. Somehow I have made it. Links to all posts of the blog challenge.

I’ve only played under 2 DMs since I came back to gaming in 2010.

I’ve run 2 sessions of Labyrinth Lord and 1 session of Marvel Super Heroes in that time. My work schedule rarely works out so I can play with people on “normal” schedules.

I played under a lot of DMs back in the 1990s at game conventions, but a lot of the names don’t stick with me.

I guess I will collectively award the title to “The Knights of the Empire” group from Brooklyn NY. They were a regular fixture running RPGA events around the NY/NJ/CT region. They even had their own little con “Knight Games” they ran for some years.

They also came up to the Hudson Valley to DM for my 2 mini-cons I organized in 1997 and 1998. So, belated thanks to the “2 Daves”, Ruth, Linda, Sean, Ed, and anybody else I have forgotten.

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