Reflections on the Danarbi setting

There are a few more things in my old notes about Danarbi, some adventure ideas, some myths/ rumors etc.

However the setting was never played in. Apart from the issues with me living in area of few gamers, and taking a 9-year break from the gaming scene, there are obviously some issues with the setting.

First off, it was first thought up in about 1984-85. I was 15-16 years old at that point. Obviously I have had a lot more exposure to fantasy literature, world history, etc. in the intervening 30 years.

The original concept for Danarbi was to make something that was not “pseudo-medieval Europe.” So it was kind of a hodge-podge of fantasy versions of Africa, South America, North America, and Australia. Or at least how a 15 year old conceived of them back then.

So it has “fallen empire sort of like the Aztecs” bordering “sort of India”, “sort of Mordor (but hidden in a giant swamp)”, and “sort of The Land of the Lost.” Plus “sort of Plains Indians” and “sort of Polynesian islands (with pirates!)”. Then I added in some colonies / outposts of the “pseudo-medieval Europe type place across the sea.”

There is really too much stuff just thrown into the mix. “Everything and the kitchen sink mashup” may appeal to a teenager creating his first large game setting, but Danarbi was so unfocused I could never pare the description down enough to convince anyone to play there.

On top of that, the entire world situation was sort of a giant railroad, involving gods, demons, cataclysms, and the need for mortal heroes (probably the PCs?) to show up every few centuries to set things right. I suspect this was about the time of my first exposure to Michael Moorcock’s work. Probably some Dragonlance influence in there as well.

So I then got detoured and spent years working on the “pseudo-medieval Europe type place across the sea.” More focused and based more upon history classes I was taking in college. Holothom is a another whole story however.

Anyway, I am thinking that the whole reason I am posting any of the old stuff is I am trying to see if there is anything that can be salvaged and put into a new game setting.

So I will start with pulling out what was the critical usable concept of Danarbi. Distilled down, I think “Vikings & Mayans” about sums it up. Maybe toss in “Dinosuars” as well.

So maybe I will start trying to make up a new campaign setting based upon the concept of “Vikings & Mayans & Dinosaurs.”

Stay tuned.

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