Cryptic Treasure Map & Dungeon Rumors (map)

While I am still thinking about my project of “World of Vikings & Mayans & Dinosaurs” I guess I will post a bit more old material.

This is a treasure map I created to go with the dungeon map I posted back during “30 Days of D&D” blog challenge for Day 12.

While rolling the random contents of the dungeon, I ended up rolling a treasure result of a Treasure Map, so I decided to have it lead to a big treasure inside the dungeon itself. The treasure is on a lower level, but the path sort of shows how to get there.

DerDungeon - Treasure Map.dgo

Here is the Dungeon Rumor Table I made for the dungeon as well:

Der Dungeon – Rumor Table

(roll 1d10 for each player to see what rumor they have heard about dungeon)

1. The ruins were once the base of an evil cult.

2. Recently, a shepherd reported spotting small figures moving about the ruins by the light of a full moon.

3. A mad wizard lives beneath the ruins.

4. The last group that set out for the ruins never returned.

5. There is supposedly a map showing the way to a great treasure under the ruins.

6. The ruins are the lair of powerful undead.

7. A seer once spoke of a powerful source of good trapped within the ruins.

8. There is a magical fountain within the ruins.

9. Anyone who sleeps within the ruins will suffer a curse.

10. A drunken farmer once entered the ruins and claimed to have seen a woman with glowing blue eyes.

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