Enter… “Der Dungeon!”

The first dungeon I created after coming back to RPGs in 2010. I have already posted “Cryptic Treasure Map & Dungeon Rumors” however the maps in this series of posts will be the earlier ones (black & white with fewer rooms).

The creative process for this was, I used the random tables in the back of the Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Edition Companion books to generate contents BEFORE drawing the maps. Then I tried to figure out how everything would fit together. Made some crude block diagrams on blank ungridded paper at various stages. Then made maps on graph paper, and finally re-created the maps in Dungeonographer (the sibling of Hexographer).

I did run a few folks through part of it a few years ago, but they had no interest in continuing with lengthy dungeoncrawling, so there was only one session played.

Why is it called just “Der Dungeon?” I was thinking back to the bygone days of the 1980s when I was intensely into creating D&D stuff, and into my head popped “You Can’t Do That On Television” which was a staple of my afternoon viewing on Nickelodeon (long before MTV took over).

There was a recurring segment in the show where the sole adult cast member, Ross, was portraying a dungeon jailer keeping one of the kids, (Alistair?) chained to a wall and came to verbally torment him. One time Ross asked him if he would like to play Dungeons & Dragons, and it went something like this:

ROSS: You see a door.
ALLISTAIR: I go through it.
ROSS: You meet a monster. Do you know what kind of monster you meet?
ALLISTAIR: I don’t know.
(big bucket of green goop falls on his head, the recurring thing that ALWAYS happened on the show whenever anybody said “I don’t know.”)
ROSS: Green… Slime.

Also, in the beginning of “Robin Hood, Men in Tights” the jailer welcomes Robin to “Der Dungeon!”

Good enough for me.

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