Reborn Infinite War of Secret Armageddon Conquest: Z-Week

Sorry, just musing about how comics have changed in the 20 years I’ve been away.

I think all the current “grimdark” “heroes / masss-murderers” and the current major publishing strategy of EVERYTHING being part of some mega-crossover “event” is just crying out to be parodied.

Hence: “Reborn Infinite War of Secret Armageddon Conquest: Z-Week” as the title of a hypothetical “event” for a satire / parody supers RPG. It would have to have rules for how every time the characters think they have accomplished something, there would be a “reboot” and they would be reincarnated into barely-recognizable parodies of their former versions.

Sorry if I have offended anyone, but after all I guess I qualify as a comic book grognard at this point, and by definition that means grumbling. Now get off my lawn 😉

On a more serious note, it says something about the comics publishers when about the only current character reputed to act in a recognizable “old-school” way is Deadpool, who when I left was a villain.

The real world is grim & serious enough; where did all the comic heroes who actually brought a little glimmer of hope for the future go?

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One thought on “Reborn Infinite War of Secret Armageddon Conquest: Z-Week

  1. Even folks 10 years younger than I am feel that something is just… wrong… with the current way comics are written.

    This is an EXCELLENT piece:

    Maybe all prospective comic book writers should be required to, maybe, READ some comics from various previous eras. The editors and publishers should as well.

    After all, 20 years ago comics sold 10x as many issues as they do today. Somebody must have been doing SOMETHING right back then.

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