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Now see what I’ve gone and done?

Remind me never to blog about 1984 again…

Stack of Comic Volumes

remind me never to blog about 1984 again, see what happens?

Now I have an 18 inch tall stack of comics to read.

Also a giant hole in this year’s entertainment budget.

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“Challenge of the Gobots” on DVD!

The Warner Archive (discs made on demand) has FINALLY released part 1 of the main series of “Challenge of the Gobots.” (They already had the original mini-series.)

This definitely goes under “things that warped my brain” back in the 1980s, although honestly I barely remember any of it at this point.

Which reminds me, somebody should come up with a “transforming robots” RPG to emulate Gobots and / or Transformers.

Challenge of the Gobots

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