Look, something actually RPG-related:

The current Bundle of Holding (for 7 more days as of this post) is for PARANOIA!

For $9.95 you can get PDFs of the 2004 Mongoose edition, the GM Screen and Mission Blender, and the PC background supplement Criminal Histories.

If you pay over the “Bonus Threshold” (currently $23.83 as of this post), you will also get 5 (FIVE!) more Paranoia PDFs, including Flashbacks, which is a re-release of classic 1980s Paranoia missions.

I’ve only ever gotten to play Paranoia one time ever over 20 years ago, but I have a large number of the old West End Games books and adventures, and they are a blast to just read even if I never could manage to subject anybody to my GMing of The Computer.

The Computer wants you to be happy. The Computer says getting the Bundle of Holding will increase your happiness. Surely you will do as Friend Computer suggests and keep everybody happy? (You don’t want to be revealed for the Commie Mutant Traitor you actually are, do you?)

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