Comic TPB Status Update #7

Since the last update I have read:

from Essential Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4: Uncanny X-Men 169-173 (Morlocks! Wolverine’s Wedding! The debut of “punker Storm!”)

punker Storm

from New Mutants Classic Vol. 1: The New Mutants 5-7

This is a period in which it seems to be read a couple X-Men, read a couple New Mutants as the storylines take place in a very specific order.

(NEXT UP: The New Defenders Vol. 1, which has 3 of the original X-Men in it – Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Then more X-Men and on to Avengers – Absolute Vision Book 1.)

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One thought on “Comic TPB Status Update #7

  1. You guys must LOVE that pic of Storm or something! Think this is the most blog hits I’ve ever gotten in one day. 48 hits so far today!

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