“Over a century of chaos…”

“1006 IR (318 EM) – Most demihumans mysteriously vanish from the lands of Holothom. Warned by their gods of what was to come, they undertook The Great Leaving and secretly travelled to Danarbi.
1007 IR – 1010 IR (319 EM – 322 EM) – The Dark Power appears, summoned by the Zordians. The Reign of the Devastator. Cities of Gyaal and Durland sacked and burned by humanoid armies. Large numbers of undead roam the lands.
1010 IR (322 EM) – The Devastator is confronted by mortal champions of the Powers of Good and Neutrality. The Dark Power is forced to retreat from the mortal world.
1011 IR – 1131 IR (323 EM – 443 EM) – Over a century of chaos follows the fall of The Devastator, as the remnants of human civilization try to claw their way back in the face of hordes of humanoids and undead. The few remaining demihumans are similarly besieged, and keep to their own lands, avoiding most contact with humans. By the end of this period a few cities are being rebuilt.”

-Excerpts from The Chronology of Danarbi

I think maybe I should post some things about the other land, Holothom, the “pseudo-medieval-Europe place across the sea.”

I deliberately left some sizable time gaps in the history of the world of Granjor in order to be able to develop some campaign settings in which the PCs could have a lot of influence.

This “over a century of chaos” is one of them, in fact probably about the best possible “interesting times” for a group of PCs to adventure in, but I never did anything with it… yet.

Maybe I should do something about that.

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