Holothom & The Barbarian Migrations

I’ve scanned some more things from my old D&D world notebooks (got hundreds of pages scattered among 6-8 notebooks from over many years).

First I came across a rough map of the political divisions of Holothom, showing the major realms a couple of centuries before The Reign of The Devastator.

Holothom - Rough Political Map

I also found some rough maps and documentation about the “Barbarian Migrations” that resulted in humans first entering and settling in Western Yarta (the name of the continent the lands of Holothom are located on).

Carinthian Empire - Rough

Barbarian Migrations - Map

I have no idea if anybody else can actually READ my handwriting or not, so let me know if it’s a problem. I can type it up and post it here if needed (I am a SLOW typist; was using computer keyboards many years before having any actual typing instruction).

Barbarian Tribe Migrations 1

Barbarian Tribe Migrations 2

Barbarian Tribe Migrations 3

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