Transcript: Holothom – TWB Page 2

Here is the transcript of the scan of page 2 of “Holothom -The World Base.”

I am figuring I should show something of my original concept of the setting, and work my way through later concepts all the way up to the “Century of Chaos” I am working on.

“Holothom – The World Base
Page 2 Transcript

The Early Kingdoms

The barbarians were organized into tribes, or groups of clans. Each tribe settled in a different region. After a few decades, strong war-leaders began to emerge, strong enough to unite some of the tribes into kingdoms.

To the northwest, the Norvik, Tlanta, and Svetla tribes founded Norven, Tlanthom, and Svendel; the Northern Kingdoms.

To the west, the Vogul, Iral, and Banla tribes founded Volund, Irldan, and Banlon; the Western Kingdoms.

Between the Iralu Mountains and the Great Sea, the Gional, Duvmra, and Rosiv tribes founded Gyol, Dunland, and Rosivna; the Central Kingdoms.

There were other tribes, but none of them founded kingdoms, and they were soon conquered by their neighbors.

The Demi-Humans

The lands west of the Iralu Mountains were not as empty as they had at first appeared. They”

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