Transcript: Holothom – TWB Page 3

Here is the typed up version of the scan of page 3 of “Holothom – The World Base.”

This finishes off the introduction to the setting.

“Holothom – The World Base
Page 3 Transcript

were the homes of the four demi-human races: Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, and Halflings; as well as their racial enemies: Kobolds, Goblins, Orcs, and Gnolls.

The Dwarves inhabit the Makahd Mountains, called the Tlantiem Mountains by the humans. The Elves live in the forests of Gyol and Dunland. The Gnomes inhabit the hilly regions near the Makahd and Hylona Mountains. The Halflings live on the sloping plains of Dunland, near the Elves.

At first, the demi-humans shunned contact with the arriving humans. The Dwarves and Gnomes kept to their underground realms. The Elves hid themselves within their forests. The Halflings stayed in their secluded valleys.

After kingdoms arose among the humans, the Elves revealed themselves and pledged peace with Gyol and Dunland. The Halflings ventured forth to human villages, and made their presence known. The Dwarves and Gnomes, however, kept to themselves and warred with Kobolds and Orcs in the Makahd Mountains.

The Elves introduced magic to the humans, and tutored a select few in the ways of sorcery. The Halflings showed the humans how to better plant and tend crops. The New Age had begun, and history began to be recorded.”

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