Timeline of Holothom (part 1)

Here is the transcript of the first part of “The Timeline of Holothom” from page 4 of Holothom – The World Base.

Timeline of Holothom (part 1)

Year Events
1 The Elves reveal themselves and pledge peace with Gyol and Dunland.
7 The Halflings venture forth and begin to teach farming to the humans.
12 The first human magic-users are tutored by the Elves.
18 The worship of Odin begins in the Northern Kingdoms.
Hill Giants are sighted by humans of Tlanthom.
21 The Underground War escalates as the Orcs crown a king.
Mhuldoon, a Dwarven city, is invaded.
23 The first human city, Danal, is begun by the King of Dunland.
29 The worship of Thor begins as Hill Giants begin raiding villages in
Tlanthom and Svendel.
34 The final battle of the Underground War.
Orcs flee the Makahd Mountains.
36 The clerics of Odin manifest spell-power.
First human magic-user academy founded.
40 The Gnomes reveal themselves and pledge peace with Tlanthom and
42 The Druids appear in Banlon and Volund.
White Dragons and Frost Giants discovered in Norven.

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