Timeline of Holothom (part 3)

Here is the transcript of the third part of “The Timeline of Holothom” from page 6 of Holothom – The World Base.

Timeline of Holothm (part 3)

Year Events

81 The Montish cland divide northern Volund.
Volund recognizes (under pressure) Hillond.
82 The Elves expand into northern Dunland.
Becoming paranoid, the Dwarves declare war.
85 The Elf / Dwarf War continues to rage.
The evil wizard Perulan builds Shadowkeep.
88 Perulan allies with the humanoids of Brokier.
The Elves, backed by Dunland, make advances.
89 A plague (caused by Perulan) strikes Rosivna.
Red Dragons discovered in the Iralu Mountains.
90 Perulan’s forces invade and conquer Rosivna.
The Elves and Dwarves break off hostilities.
93 Hideous monsters arise in Irldan
The magic-users of Gyol send aid.
94 King Aervil of Dunland crowned.
The King of Tlanthom dies and the jarls make war.
97 The King of Banlon dies and the thanes declare their indepenence.
101 A horrible beast appears in lake Ikelia.
Perulan builds fortresses along the Iralu Mountains.
106 The Holy Order of Jandara is founded.
Ghouls and other undead creatures appear.

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