Timeline of Holothom (part 4)

Here is the transcript of the fourth part of “The Timeline of Holothom” from page 7 of Holothom – The World Base.

Timeline of Holothom (part 4)

Year Events

108 Lycanthropes appear in Rosivna.
The Halflings unite to form the Four Valleys.
112 Humans and Elves of Gyol visit northern coast of Sothara.
119 King Maleer of Gyol crowned.
Explorers from Izonda reach Gyol.
123 Trolls sighted in the Northern Kingdoms.
Green Dragons discovered in southern Gyol.
125 The Wizards’ Society formed in Dunland.
The Holy Order builds first church in Banlon.
130 The present year.
The Druids begin healing Irldan of 37 years of rampaging monsters.
The Montish cause border skirmishes in northern Volund.
Red Dragons attack Dwarven caravans of gold and gems in Tlanthom.
Explorers from Svendel discover Bleakand to the far north.

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