Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 3

Up for watching today is something I didn’t know existed until about a year ago – the 1982 remake of “She” starring Sandahl Bergman set in a post-apocalyptic world.

She (1982)

She (1982)

I managed to find an old VHS copy, but it has bad tracking issues and I don’t have the equipment to make it viewable (all I’ve got is a DVD / VHS combo unit without any sort of manual tracking adjustment).

So eventually turned to an “unofficial source.” Didn’t want to, but since never released on DVD in Region 1 had no other viable option. Would have gladly paid more for an official release if could get one.

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One thought on “Post-Apoc Movie Week: Day 3

  1. OK I MUST have seen part of this many years ago on HBO or Cinemax or something, as I’ve seen this ending part before.

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