January 2015 Update

Not much to report since last month, except my local FYE store closed and had massive clearance sales. Got lots of stuff.

Pics of my first and second trips below (didn’t make pics of third and final trip, which was couple dozen more DVDs).

First Trip - the one whited out by the flash is "Heavy Metal."

First Trip – the one whited out by the flash is “Heavy Metal.”

Second Trip - SF

Second Trip – SF

Second Trip - Non-SF

Second Trip – Non-SF

Also got a Blu-Ray player that upscales DVD playback, so been watching a lot of movies lately.

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December 2014 Update – LOOT!

Since the last post I have not made any further progress on “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire.”

However I did finish the “re-reading Moorcock” project as laid out. Currently reading “Elric at the End of Time” which is more of a collection of “lost tales” than part of the actual sequence.

I also have gotten quite a pile of RPG books! Pics below.



Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, BOL & WOTRP

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, BOL & WOTRP

Stonehell & Mutant Future

Stonehell & Mutant Future

I think that GURPS, BRP, and Fantastic Heroes & Witchery might be on the list of potential systems for writing up “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire.”

Happy holidays, and hope to keep up with at least one update post a month in the coming year.

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2nd Anniversary of the Blog

Today marks 2 years since I started this blog.

Wasn’t able to write up a proper post to mark the occasion.

I have gotten much busier since starting school to learn to be a Sterilization Tech.

I will hopefully have some more posts on “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire” coming soon.

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100th Post! (Old Map Scans!)

I guess it is customary to post something “special” on milestone posts like this, so here are scans of some of my 1980’s and early 1990s D&D maps.

World of Granjor

Western Yarta

Eastern Yarta

Holothom & Nearby Realms

Empire of HolothomWestern Holothom

Eastern Holothom

Central Holothom


Key to Volund

Runlav Territory

Runlav Surroundings

City of Runlav

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Added “Marvel Comics TPB Library” Page

I’ve added a “Marvel Comics TPB Library Page” under “Static Pages” to list what volumes of trade paperbacks and Essentials b&w reprints I have.

Mostly hyperlinked to the “official” Marvel book page. (Some I am having trouble finding the “official” page. I may have to find another source of links for those.)

I’m only about half done adding links so far.

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