Time For A New Adventure?

This is not the post I had originally thought of for post #150 of this blog.

Every so often in life, a person realizes that they are just going through the motions on something.

So it is with this blog.

I have not played an RPG session in over 2 years, and in fact maybe a dozen times total since I started this blog.

My schedule just does not allow me to get together with anybody.

So I think it is time to put this blog on indefinite hiatus while I consider another outlet for my imagination – fiction writing.

Over 20 years ago, I wrote a few pretty bad science fiction stories when I was in college.

Characters nobody could understand or care about. Boring dialogue.

I just didn’t have either the life experience or the knowledge of the craft of writing to pull off the trick of getting the stories in my head into a form that others would care about reading.

Well, a few weeks ago I read Damon Knight’s “Creating Short Fiction.” I had bought a few writing books over recent years, but put them aside for “maybe later in life.”

I got to page 18 or so and found myself searching through boxes of old notebooks for anything that was left of my 20 year-old writing attempts.

I found some notes and outlines and scene drafts.

So I’m investing some time in reading some of those books about the craft of writing, and maybe just maybe I can go back to those old ideas for plots and make them work someday.

Just like RPGs were when I started this blog, writing fiction was something I had left behind years ago, until one day I just felt I had to give it another go.

I still feel I have things to communicate, but this blog is not the right platform at this point in my life.

I’ll leave this blog up for anybody who may stumble across it and maybe find some bit of something useful or inspirational for their gaming.

Maybe I’ll be back to the blog-o-sphere someday, but probably at a new blog.

Until then, I’d like to thank all the folks I have communicated with on RPG blogs and forums over the last few years for putting up with my ramblings.

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Reborn Infinite War of Secret Armageddon Conquest: Z-Week

Sorry, just musing about how comics have changed in the 20 years I’ve been away.

I think all the current “grimdark” “heroes / masss-murderers” and the current major publishing strategy of EVERYTHING being part of some mega-crossover “event” is just crying out to be parodied.

Hence: “Reborn Infinite War of Secret Armageddon Conquest: Z-Week” as the title of a hypothetical “event” for a satire / parody supers RPG. It would have to have rules for how every time the characters think they have accomplished something, there would be a “reboot” and they would be reincarnated into barely-recognizable parodies of their former versions.

Sorry if I have offended anyone, but after all I guess I qualify as a comic book grognard at this point, and by definition that means grumbling. Now get off my lawn 😉

On a more serious note, it says something about the comics publishers when about the only current character reputed to act in a recognizable “old-school” way is Deadpool, who when I left was a villain.

The real world is grim & serious enough; where did all the comic heroes who actually brought a little glimmer of hope for the future go?

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When the Master Villain wants to retire?

“You know, being a world-threatening criminal mastermind is kind of tiring. Maybe I could just retire from this business. Yeah. All I’d have to do is blackmail the world into letting me retire.”
-the short short version

OK. I have been watching the James Bond movies in order. One about every 2 weeks. So I was up to “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service.” Yes, the one with George Lazenby, who was fired after one movie and Sean Connery was brought back.

It is not all the lead actor’s fault. He is certainly not as charismatic, as Sean Connery, but the plot of the movie basically boils down to my made-up quote above. That is what Blofeld’s motive is – blackmail the world into pardoning him so he can enjoy his new title of count during his retirement.

At least, that is what I gathered after all 2 hours and 22 minutes. Too long for one thing; parts of it just seem to drag on and on. Could have used a bit more trimming in some of the slow parts.

Telly Savalas as Blofeld is just … bad. Maybe Blofeld realized he was losing his ability to be a criminal mastermind and should retire, because this is about the worst portrayal of a master villain I have ever seen. No contingency plans for escape. He personally chases Bond down a mountain on skis along with his minions.

At least he manages to avoid what looks like his death, and reappears at the end so his henchwoman can shoot Bond’s woman in the head.

Roll credits.

It had been 25 years since I remember seeing this on TV, and barely remembered any of it. Not sure I did myself any favors by having this in my memory now.

Perhaps it has some value in an RPG context after all – how NOT to portray a master villain.

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Day 14: Favorite NPC

This is going to be a hard one for me.

I’ve only played a handful of times since coming back to RPGs.

My memories of the “Before Time” are pretty faded.

So let me editorialize on the subject of NPCs.

My favorite NPC would have a reason for existing in the game setting wholly independent of the PCs. A motivation, a role to play in the game world.

My favorite NPC would NOT be the type to send PCs off on “missions.” That just robs players of determining their own adventure. Maybe an NPC posting a reward for completion of a task is about my limit.

My favorite NPC would NOT just show up and upstage the PCs. Even if an NPC shows up and stages a “deux ex machina” and saves the PCs from certain doom or whatever, the choice of how to proceed after that must still be from the PCs.

I guess it is apparent that I have a certain liking for “simulationist” and “sandbox” type of play as a DM. Also, that possibly I have been burned too many times in the past by Elminster or whoever popping in and taking over / finishing my adventure for me while I was a player.

If I ever get to run a campaign again, I’d do my best to make and portray the kind of NPC I was just describing.

Until then, somebody tell me when you find him.

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Maimed by the Lords of Chaos

Don’t you hate it when something like this shows up in the mail?


It looks even worse from other sides and angles.
Kind of a zig-zag bend in it.
Arrived in an envelope from the USPS “Re-Wrap Service.”
No trace of the shipper’s packaging at all.
Must have failed its Saving Throw.

So the quest to get a copy of The Silver Warriors in either white or silver cover to match my 1980s Moorcock books continues.

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