1970s – 1980s Post-Apoc Movie Week!

This week is my break from clinical training, so am planning to watch a slew of post-apoc movies from the 1970s and 1980s. Almost none of which I have ever seen before.

Today’s schedule, 3 works by Gene Roddenberry that were made as TV pilots in the mid-1970s:

Genesis II

Genesis II

Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Strange New World

Strange New World

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January 2015 Update

Not much to report since last month, except my local FYE store closed and had massive clearance sales. Got lots of stuff.

Pics of my first and second trips below (didn’t make pics of third and final trip, which was couple dozen more DVDs).

First Trip - the one whited out by the flash is "Heavy Metal."

First Trip – the one whited out by the flash is “Heavy Metal.”

Second Trip - SF

Second Trip – SF

Second Trip - Non-SF

Second Trip – Non-SF

Also got a Blu-Ray player that upscales DVD playback, so been watching a lot of movies lately.

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November 2014 Update

Since the last post I have watched:

When_dinosaurs_ruled_the_earthWhen Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth


LandThatTimeForgotBookCoverThe Land That Time Forgot


MysteriousIslandMysterious Island

and watched:

Journey_to_the_Center_of_the_Earth_2008_TV_filmJourney To The Center of The Earth 2008 TV version

I’ve also started thinking about what sort of ruleset to use for “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire.” I was thinking of taking a look at “Shotguns & Saddles” for instance. It seems similar to older D&D editions, but with skills and firearms. Haven’t read through it yet though. (Also it is Creative Commons, so can pretty much do what you want with it, as long as attributed properly.)

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“Warriors of the Red Planet” beta version

Man, just when I am on a strict budget for the summer, this finally gets released. It’s basically supposed to be OD&D on Barsoom… swords, rayguns, flying ships, the whole deal.

Warriors of the Red Planet

Available in print at Lulu for US 3.93!

It’s a beta/ playtest version, but at that price seems awful tempting to break my budget a little…

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Finished “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”

Been watching on and off since October and FINALLY watched the last episode of “Buck Rogers in the 25th Century.”

The second season is kind of a drag as some of the episodes are pretty bad, but some are OK.

Advice for anybody thinking of watching the second season: just watch “Time of the Hawk,” “Mark of the Saurian,” “The Hand of Goral,” “Testimony of a Traitor,” and “The Dorian Secret.”

The weakest episodes are the ones in the middle of the season. They got better at the end, but it was too little too late to save the show.

Oh well, on to better things!

I have to decide which show to go with next: “Logan’s Run: The Series,” “The Incredible Hulk Season 2,” or maybe the original “Battlestar Galactica.”

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