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1970s – 1980s Post-Apoc Movie Week!

This week is my break from clinical training, so am planning to watch a slew of post-apoc movies from the 1970s and 1980s. Almost none of which I have ever seen before.

Today’s schedule, 3 works by Gene Roddenberry that were made as TV pilots in the mid-1970s:

Genesis II

Genesis II

Planet Earth

Planet Earth

Strange New World

Strange New World

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January 2015 Update

Not much to report since last month, except my local FYE store closed and had massive clearance sales. Got lots of stuff.

Pics of my first and second trips below (didn’t make pics of third and final trip, which was couple dozen more DVDs).

First Trip - the one whited out by the flash is "Heavy Metal."

First Trip – the one whited out by the flash is “Heavy Metal.”

Second Trip - SF

Second Trip – SF

Second Trip - Non-SF

Second Trip – Non-SF

Also got a Blu-Ray player that upscales DVD playback, so been watching a lot of movies lately.

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“Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire”

A week or so ago, I watched the 1960 version of “The Time Machine” for the first time in decades. So I got to thinking about some of my other fantastic influences that predated my exposure to D&D.

I spent A LOT of weekends at my grandparents place in the late 1970s & early 1980s. Usually there would be several movies on WPIX (Channel 11) and WWOR (Channel 9) on the weekend afternoons that filled my young brain with all sorts of stuff.

Old Westerns, WWII movies, Godzilla, biblical epics, Planet of the Apes, crime dramas, cheesy sci-fi… just about anything you could think of.

And of course “adventures.” Robin Hood, The 3 Musketeers, Tarzan, Zorro, Treasure Island, etc.

A subcategory of the adventures was the “lost world/ prehistoric/ dinosaurs” movies. Stuff like “The Lost World,” “The Land that Time Forgot,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” etc.

So I got an impulse to start making up a sort of RPG setting for adventures in the “lost world” style. I know it has been done several times by others, but I’ve never tried it myself.

Also, I’d like to mix in some more science-fantasy elements in the tone of “Yor The Hunter from the Future,” “Thundarr the Barbarian” and similar influences.

So first I needed a name to call it, so “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire” – an island in a sea of lava in a vast underground cavern. I’ve started making up a list of things to include that are basically tropes of the genre. Will post again when I have something more concrete to show.

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“Terminator” Stat Block from 1980s

While going through my old gaming notebooks, I also found this:

Terminator Stat Block

I wonder if that is a “Top Secret” stat block?

I know I have the original version of TSR’s Top Secret boxed set stored away someplace, and I know I had picked it up by maybe 1984-1985 thereabouts.

Can anybody confirm if that looks like a Top Secret stat block?

(If it’s not, the only other thing I can think of is it might be related to my “Battlefield” game … I found various bits & pieces of some sort of “GI Joe”-type rules I had made up, and it was a d% system, so rules probably inspired somewhat by Top Secret anyway. Remember the old cartoon episode “Worlds Without End?” Where in an alternate world Cobra had won and the last remnants of GI Joe were resistance fighters? That was basically the premise of the game.)

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When Giant Monsters Attack…

When Giant Monsters Attack…


Who you gonna call?


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