Happy Bunny Day!

Powerpuff Girl Bunny

(Is the mid-1990s long enough ago to be kinda retro yet?)

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Sorry for lack of posting…

I know I kinda dropped out of sight just as was starting up my “World of Vikings & Mayans & Dinosaurs” project, but honestly I just needed a break from blogging. RL got a bit busy and just never got back here to start blogging again.

I did read a pretty dry introductory book about the Maya, but when 75% of it is about potsherds and such not very inspiring.  Hard to keep motivated when I don’t currently have an RPG group to play with also.

I have been doing a bunch of re-reading of fantasy books, watching 1980’s cartoons, James Bond movies, History Channel DVDs and such trying to get some inspiration. It has got my imagination more active at least.

Other than that it’s been digging snow, slipping on ice and cracking an arm bone a month ago, then more digging snow even with the bad arm in between phys therapy appointments.

I’ll see if I can start up some sort of blog posting again.

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New Tags & Categories

Just a bit of tidying up the tags & categories for all previous posts.

I added links between all my Danarbi maps and map key posts as well.

Hopefully might make it easier for new people finding my blog to see what I’ve got here.

(Hopefully it is not overkill with too many attached to each post.)

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