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Added “Marvel Comics TPB Library” Page

I’ve added a “Marvel Comics TPB Library Page” under “Static Pages” to list what volumes of trade paperbacks and Essentials b&w reprints I have.

Mostly hyperlinked to the “official” Marvel book page. (Some I am having trouble finding the “official” page. I may have to find another source of links for those.)

I’m only about half done adding links so far.

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Sorry for lack of posting…

I know I kinda dropped out of sight just as was starting up my “World of Vikings & Mayans & Dinosaurs” project, but honestly I just needed a break from blogging. RL got a bit busy and just never got back here to start blogging again.

I did read a pretty dry introductory book about the Maya, but when 75% of it is about potsherds and such not very inspiring.  Hard to keep motivated when I don’t currently have an RPG group to play with also.

I have been doing a bunch of re-reading of fantasy books, watching 1980’s cartoons, James Bond movies, History Channel DVDs and such trying to get some inspiration. It has got my imagination more active at least.

Other than that it’s been digging snow, slipping on ice and cracking an arm bone a month ago, then more digging snow even with the bad arm in between phys therapy appointments.

I’ll see if I can start up some sort of blog posting again.

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Day 30: Best DM I’ve Had


Day 30 at last. Somehow I have made it. Links to all posts of the blog challenge.

I’ve only played under 2 DMs since I came back to gaming in 2010.

I’ve run 2 sessions of Labyrinth Lord and 1 session of Marvel Super Heroes in that time. My work schedule rarely works out so I can play with people on “normal” schedules.

I played under a lot of DMs back in the 1990s at game conventions, but a lot of the names don’t stick with me.

I guess I will collectively award the title to “The Knights of the Empire” group from Brooklyn NY. They were a regular fixture running RPGA events around the NY/NJ/CT region. They even had their own little con “Knight Games” they ran for some years.

They also came up to the Hudson Valley to DM for my 2 mini-cons I organized in 1997 and 1998. So, belated thanks to the “2 Daves”, Ruth, Linda, Sean, Ed, and anybody else I have forgotten.

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Day 29: Number Often Rolled On a d20

As we come to the penultimate post in the “30 Days of D&D” blog challenge, our subject is “What Number Do You Always Seem to Roll on a D20?”

As explained in Day 5: Favorite Die / Dice, I have misplaced my original dice collection some years ago. So I had to get all new dice starting in 2010.

I have 4 d20’s that I keep in my normal dice bag. I rotate them around when I am unhappy with how one is rolling.

I’d say about the most common number they roll is “8.”

It is not an absolutely terrible number, but disappointing as the overwhelming use of a d20 is for “To Hit” rolls and Saving Throws.

If I get 3 or 4 poor rolls in a row, I switch to another d20. This usually does not help any.

Maybe it is because they are surplus dice from a Chessex “Pound O’ Dice.” Maybe they have some balance imperfections.

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Day 28: Character never Play Again

Once I played a Half-Elf Cleric / Magic-User back during 2nd Edition days.

Although a neat idea at first, it became a hassle to keep choosing spells as went up in level. Could not wear armor and had to avoid melee like a magic-user does. Basically became the party’s “utility PC” which was more boring than playing a straight cleric; at least a cleric can wade into melee and bash things with a mace.

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