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Places on The Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire

Here is my initial “brainstorm list” I made up a month ago, before I had watched any movies for inspiration (although I had read some reviews of some to get an idea what to watch).

My general idea is that the Island has some kind of “zone” structure, maybe in concentric “rings” that get smaller the closer to the center of the Island you get.

These would be in the outermost zone, maybe getting to the border with the second zone.

“Jungle of the Savages” – here live several bands of primitive human hunter-gatherers that endlessly raid each other in a struggle for territory; some may be cannibals!

“Valley of the Gargantuas” – here two enormous semi-humanoid creatures eternally fight and wrestle with each other; they ignore puny visitors, but their struggles make the area very hazardous (ground shakes, boulders dislodged, etc.).

“Cliff of the Cave-Women” – here are several cave entrances that lead into the cliffside; this is the home of an all-female clan of primitive humans (female children are raised by the Cave-Women, while male children are brought to “The Tower of the Jeweled Ones” shortly after birth).

“Lair of the Reptile-Men” – cave entrances that lead to a network of caves and tunnels beneath the ground; the Reptile- Men (troglodytes?) are the traditional foes of the Cave-Women.

“River of Fire” – this is a shallow channel filled with molten lava that separates the outermost zone from the second zone of the island.

“Tower of the Jeweled Ones” – this is a perfectly symmetrical hexagon-shaped tower of some strange stone; the “Jeweled Ones” are mysterious beings that rarely leave their tower. The Cave-Women leave male offspring in the vicinity, which are then collected by the Jeweled Ones and brought into the tower. The Tower is near the edge of the River of Fire.

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Inspirations: Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire

So I have watched some movies of the “lost world” style:

TheLandthatTimeForgotThe Land That Time Forgot

ThePeopleThatTimeForgotThe People That Time Forgot

TheLostWorldThe Lost World

JourneyToTheCenterOfTheEarthJourney to the Center of the Earth

I’ve got some more movies to watch still, but I feel this is a good start.

I’ve also watched “Yor the Hunter From the Future” and “John Carter” recently, and they are also of some help, particularly with the idea of some advanced group or culture working “behind the scenes” of the “lost world.”

I’ve found I’m actually sadly deficient in my Edgar Rice Burroughs reading except for the John Carter / Barsoom books, so I have ordered a few to get more details that may not have made it into movies adapted or inspired by the originals.

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“Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire”

A week or so ago, I watched the 1960 version of “The Time Machine” for the first time in decades. So I got to thinking about some of my other fantastic influences that predated my exposure to D&D.

I spent A LOT of weekends at my grandparents place in the late 1970s & early 1980s. Usually there would be several movies on WPIX (Channel 11) and WWOR (Channel 9) on the weekend afternoons that filled my young brain with all sorts of stuff.

Old Westerns, WWII movies, Godzilla, biblical epics, Planet of the Apes, crime dramas, cheesy sci-fi… just about anything you could think of.

And of course “adventures.” Robin Hood, The 3 Musketeers, Tarzan, Zorro, Treasure Island, etc.

A subcategory of the adventures was the “lost world/ prehistoric/ dinosaurs” movies. Stuff like “The Lost World,” “The Land that Time Forgot,” “Journey to the Center of the Earth,” etc.

So I got an impulse to start making up a sort of RPG setting for adventures in the “lost world” style. I know it has been done several times by others, but I’ve never tried it myself.

Also, I’d like to mix in some more science-fantasy elements in the tone of “Yor The Hunter from the Future,” “Thundarr the Barbarian” and similar influences.

So first I needed a name to call it, so “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire” – an island in a sea of lava in a vast underground cavern. I’ve started making up a list of things to include that are basically tropes of the genre. Will post again when I have something more concrete to show.

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Timeline of Holothom (part 4)

Here is the transcript of the fourth part of “The Timeline of Holothom” from page 7 of Holothom – The World Base.

Timeline of Holothom (part 4)

Year Events

108 Lycanthropes appear in Rosivna.
The Halflings unite to form the Four Valleys.
112 Humans and Elves of Gyol visit northern coast of Sothara.
119 King Maleer of Gyol crowned.
Explorers from Izonda reach Gyol.
123 Trolls sighted in the Northern Kingdoms.
Green Dragons discovered in southern Gyol.
125 The Wizards’ Society formed in Dunland.
The Holy Order builds first church in Banlon.
130 The present year.
The Druids begin healing Irldan of 37 years of rampaging monsters.
The Montish cause border skirmishes in northern Volund.
Red Dragons attack Dwarven caravans of gold and gems in Tlanthom.
Explorers from Svendel discover Bleakand to the far north.

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Timeline of Holothom (part 3)

Here is the transcript of the third part of “The Timeline of Holothom” from page 6 of Holothom – The World Base.

Timeline of Holothm (part 3)

Year Events

81 The Montish cland divide northern Volund.
Volund recognizes (under pressure) Hillond.
82 The Elves expand into northern Dunland.
Becoming paranoid, the Dwarves declare war.
85 The Elf / Dwarf War continues to rage.
The evil wizard Perulan builds Shadowkeep.
88 Perulan allies with the humanoids of Brokier.
The Elves, backed by Dunland, make advances.
89 A plague (caused by Perulan) strikes Rosivna.
Red Dragons discovered in the Iralu Mountains.
90 Perulan’s forces invade and conquer Rosivna.
The Elves and Dwarves break off hostilities.
93 Hideous monsters arise in Irldan
The magic-users of Gyol send aid.
94 King Aervil of Dunland crowned.
The King of Tlanthom dies and the jarls make war.
97 The King of Banlon dies and the thanes declare their indepenence.
101 A horrible beast appears in lake Ikelia.
Perulan builds fortresses along the Iralu Mountains.
106 The Holy Order of Jandara is founded.
Ghouls and other undead creatures appear.

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