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Dungeon Map: The Castle Cellars

Here is a dungeon map I made as a test in Dungeonographer, which is the sister product to Hexographer. One thing I like about it is the ability to convert into “Old School Blue” like the maps on the old TSR module covers.

Castle Cellars Level 1 - Blue

Usually I prefer a more spaced-out dungeon with room to run away 🙂
I think this may have been influenced a bit by the maps in the old Pool of Radiance game, which I spent countless hours playing on my 8-bit NES way back when.


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Labyrinth Lord Dungeon Monster Tables

Here is something I made up to help me with randomly stocking a dungeon with monsters for Labyrinth Lord, which is a retroclone of 1981 Basic /Expert D&D (available from Goblinoid Games link at top of main blog page).

I had to turn it into an image file to get it to display in a post.

The PDF version can be found here:

Labyrinth Lord Dungeon Monster Tables

Dungeon Monster Tables p1

Dungeon Monster Tables p2

The NPC Details table is an aid for quickly determining the
Class, Alignment, Purpose (Motivation), and Condition (Health) of randomly rolled NPCs.

I never got around to making tables for anything past Level One of a dungeon. Although I could if I needed to I suppose.

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