Old School Summer Reading

Here is a picture of the older SF & Fantasy books I have acquired in the last couple of months to add to my collection.

Now that I am done with school & clinicals, this should give me something to do while I search for first job in new career.

Old School SF & Fantasy Books

Old School SF & Fantasy Books

Maybe 20 years ago I did read Hal Clement’s “Mission of Gravity” borrowed from the library, and I did read Poul Anderson’s “Vault of the Ages” as soon as I got my hands on it a couple weeks ago.

Other than those I have not previously read any of these, despite amassing I’d guesstimate 400+ SF and fantasy books over the last 30 years.

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4 thoughts on “Old School Summer Reading

  1. Gah, I love Silverberg’s The Second Trip. You have a nice mix of his pulp stuff (generally terrible) and more serious works.

    Perhaps you should think about reading some SF by women from that period 😉

  2. This batch is an attempt to fill in gaps and expose myself to some authors and books I remember seeing in bookstores decades ago (when there were bookstores around here) but never bought due to limited funds in my teens and twenties. By the time I had some money the publishers seem to have abolished the idea of keeping the backlist in print, Thank goodness for eBay.

    Apart from Andre Norton and Ursula K. LeGuin (of which I have read a bit but more is on the list for someday), are there any women authors from the period around the 1960s you’d suggest?

    • Yes, there are tons and tons….

      Kate Wilhelm — Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang + earlier work (wrote short fiction from the 50s). Master of the novella form

      Suzy McKee Charnas — Walk to the End of The World (1974)

      Anna Kavan — Ice (1967)

      Katherine Maclean — Missing Man (1975)

      Judith Merril — short stories 40s and later…

      Leigh Bracket — more pulp, but 40s and later…

      Miriam Allen deFord — short stories, late 40s and later…

      Kit Reed — short stories late 50s, but Armed Camps (1969) is great

      Joanna Russ — We Who Are About To… (1976)

      Sonya Dorman, Pamela Zoline, Pamela Sargent…

      etc etc etc etc

  3. Also, I see you have a post with a list of generation-starship books & stories. Right after I put all the books away after the picture, I noticed I forgot to include my recently-acquired copy of Starship (Non-Stop). As basically THE primary influence on the game Metamorphosis Alpha (the predecessor to Gamma World) that’s been on my to-do list (eventually) for a long time.

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