100th Post! (Old Map Scans!)

I guess it is customary to post something “special” on milestone posts like this, so here are scans of some of my 1980’s and early 1990s D&D maps.

World of Granjor

Western Yarta

Eastern Yarta

Holothom & Nearby Realms

Empire of HolothomWestern Holothom

Eastern Holothom

Central Holothom


Key to Volund

Runlav Territory

Runlav Surroundings

City of Runlav

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2 thoughts on “100th Post! (Old Map Scans!)

  1. Wow, these are just stellar!

    • I guess they have that “made by a teenager without any artistic ability or proper drawing tools” vibe going for them. I can make a functional map or diagram, but it will never be what you might call “art.” I’m much more of a writer and setting-creator, but posting some pages of my barely-legible crabbed handwriting would probably have not gone over as well!

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