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“Terminator” Stat Block from 1980s

While going through my old gaming notebooks, I also found this:

Terminator Stat Block

I wonder if that is a “Top Secret” stat block?

I know I have the original version of TSR’s Top Secret boxed set stored away someplace, and I know I had picked it up by maybe 1984-1985 thereabouts.

Can anybody confirm if that looks like a Top Secret stat block?

(If it’s not, the only other thing I can think of is it might be related to my “Battlefield” game … I found various bits & pieces of some sort of “GI Joe”-type rules I had made up, and it was a d% system, so rules probably inspired somewhat by Top Secret anyway. Remember the old cartoon episode “Worlds Without End?” Where in an alternate world Cobra had won and the last remnants of GI Joe were resistance fighters? That was basically the premise of the game.)

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