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“Warriors of the Red Planet” beta version

Man, just when I am on a strict budget for the summer, this finally gets released. It’s basically supposed to be OD&D on Barsoom… swords, rayguns, flying ships, the whole deal.

Warriors of the Red Planet

Available in print at Lulu for US 3.93!

It’s a beta/ playtest version, but at that price seems awful tempting to break my budget a little…

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Comic TPB Status Update #7

Since the last update I have read:

from Essential Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4: Uncanny X-Men 169-173 (Morlocks! Wolverine’s Wedding! The debut of “punker Storm!”)

punker Storm

from New Mutants Classic Vol. 1: The New Mutants 5-7

This is a period in which it seems to be read a couple X-Men, read a couple New Mutants as the storylines take place in a very specific order.

(NEXT UP: The New Defenders Vol. 1, which has 3 of the original X-Men in it – Beast, Angel, and Iceman. Then more X-Men and on to Avengers – Absolute Vision Book 1.)

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Comic TBP Status Update #6

Better post one of these before they get away from me.

from Epic Iron Man – The Enemy Within: Iron Man 169-170

from Incredible Hulk – Regression: Incredible Hulk 286-290, Incredible Hulk Annual 12

from Essential Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 4: Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider Man 80-83

from Thor by Walter Simonson Vol. 1: Thor 337-341 (the Beta Ray Bill saga! This was right before I actually started reading Thor back in 1983, so I’d never actually read it before. Awesome stuff.)

Trying to slow down a bit if possible, as don’t want to get ahead of some books that are being released soon. Especially waiting for “The Amazing Spider-Man Black Costume Saga Book 1” but that is still a whole month away 😦

(NEXT PLANNED: back to Essential Uncanny X-Men Vol. 4 and New Mutants Classic Vol. 1. There’s going to be a lot of alternating back and forth between the mutant titles coming up.)

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Look, something actually RPG-related:

The current Bundle of Holding (for 7 more days as of this post) is for PARANOIA!

For $9.95 you can get PDFs of the 2004 Mongoose edition, the GM Screen and Mission Blender, and the PC background supplement Criminal Histories.

If you pay over the “Bonus Threshold” (currently $23.83 as of this post), you will also get 5 (FIVE!) more Paranoia PDFs, including Flashbacks, which is a re-release of classic 1980s Paranoia missions.

I’ve only ever gotten to play Paranoia one time ever over 20 years ago, but I have a large number of the old West End Games books and adventures, and they are a blast to just read even if I never could manage to subject anybody to my GMing of The Computer.

The Computer wants you to be happy. The Computer says getting the Bundle of Holding will increase your happiness. Surely you will do as Friend Computer suggests and keep everybody happy? (You don’t want to be revealed for the Commie Mutant Traitor you actually are, do you?)

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Comic TPB Status Update #5

Since the last update I have read:

from Incredible Hulk – Pardoned: Incredible Hulk 282-285

from Essential Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 4: Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man 75-79

from Thing Classic Vol. 1: The Thing #1 (note: as best I can tell this probably should be read before Fantastic Four 251, as the suggested reading order I am using plops it right in the middle of a multi-issue FF adventure in the Negative Zone)

(NEXT PLANNED: starting Incredible Hulk – Regression, back to Epic Iron Man – The Enemy Within, more Peter Parker The Spectacular Spider-Man Vol. 4)

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