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December 2014 Update – LOOT!

Since the last post I have not made any further progress on “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire.”

However I did finish the “re-reading Moorcock” project as laid out. Currently reading “Elric at the End of Time” which is more of a collection of “lost tales” than part of the actual sequence.

I also have gotten quite a pile of RPG books! Pics below.



Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, BOL & WOTRP

Fantastic Heroes & Witchery, BOL & WOTRP

Stonehell & Mutant Future

Stonehell & Mutant Future

I think that GURPS, BRP, and Fantastic Heroes & Witchery might be on the list of potential systems for writing up “Island in the Hidden Sea of Fire.”

Happy holidays, and hope to keep up with at least one update post a month in the coming year.

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Futuristic Buildings (inpirational images)

OK I was too busy to do any blog posting for a week.

Coming across a picture of the Galaxy Soho in Beijing


I decided to seek inspiration by searching for more pics:

Galaxy Soho pics

This complex reminds me a lot of “retro-future” things like Logan’s Run. Not D&D, but good for science-fiction or post-apocalypse settings.

Also I searched for more futuristic buildings:

futuristic buildings

Some of these other ones might be inspirational for wizard towers or weird temples?

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